5 Easy Steps to Get High Rank in Search Engines

UQWO – For online business owners, reaching various layers of the market is a difficult thing to do. With the intense competition on the internet, strategies need to be built to win the hearts of consumers virtually.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effort that online business owners can do to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their website . The task of SEO is to optimize the business website so that it sits in the top rankings of search engines ( search engines ) such as Google, so that the number of visitors who come to the website will also increase and open up business potential to get more customers.

Utilizing SEO is one form of profitable marketing. Besides being free, SEO can also help increase brand awareness and the credibility of an online business . All you need to do is learn how SEO works and its application to business websites .

So, how do you optimize SEO to improve business performance? Check out the following five easy steps that have been summarized by Zilingo’s Digital Marketing Manager, Fandi Prathama:

Choose the right keywords

You must know some of the keywords that search engine users often use to optimize your business website . One keyword search tool that can help you is Google Keyword Planner. Consider search volume, competition, and the intent of the keyword .

The bigger the number listed on the search volume, the better. While the numbers listed on the competition tab show how many other users are using that keyword , the bigger the number, the harder it is for your website to rank at the top of search engines.High Rank in Search EnginesHigh Rank in Search Engines

Spread keywords on the website

After finding the right keywords , now is the time to spread those keywords on your website . As much as possible embed keywords in the title, product description, meta description , URL or header .

Avoid using keywords that are repeated on one page of the website. You can outsmart it by looking for alternative keywords in the form of synonyms or similar words that also have good search volume. For example, ‘selling shoes’ becomes ‘cheap shoes’ or ‘wholesale shoes’ and so on. Spreading the right keywords on your business website will help Google recognize what your website is really about and what it looks like, so that it can be recommended to other users.

Focus on your unique offer

To improve your position in web searches in your industry, look for words that match the advantages of your business product or service such as a unique offer or business location.

Please note that there is stiff competition when you buy ads in free search results which causes your ads to appear either above or below. Therefore, if you have a minimal digital advertising budget, use specific keywords that really match your unique offer.

Pay attention to the filename

Site web business usually requires visual assets in the form of photos or videos to enhance your appearance. Before uploading the file, make sure you change its name to be more relevant to the keyword . For example, you want to upload a photo of a bicycle product to your website .

Instead, rename the file to ‘bicycle.jpeg’ or if it’s more than two words try separating them with a hyphen (-) to ‘bicycle-fold.jpeg’. This way, Google will detect what images are on your website so that the use of SEO becomes more optimal.High Rank in Search EnginesHigh Rank in Search Engines

Create a Blog

Another way to increase traffic and leads from your business website is to create a business blog. Writing a business blog is the same concept as content management that is usually applied on social media, only in a different format.

Writing articles and publishing them on websites has the opportunity to support your website in the top positions of search engines. Of course, if accompanied by the right keywords and other SEO supporting factors. Find topics that are relevant to the business you are running. Avoid hard-selling so that your content is perceived as useful information for potential customers and deemed attractive enough for them to click on the page. Most importantly, do research on topics and keywords that are currently popular so that your business blog looks relevant and always reliable.

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Those are 5 easy steps to optimize SEO to improve online business performance. Do you have other ways to optimize SEO? Tell us in the comments!

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