7 Sales Promotion Ideas to Fatten Your Income

undercover.co.id – 7 Sales Promotion Ideas to Fatten Your Income , Increasing revenue performance is a big task for marketers. Generally, to increase revenue, these marketeers have to rack their brains to play various sales tactics. There are quite a number of sales promotion tactics that brands or marketers can use to fatten the company’s revenue.

To increase revenue, companies can do various ways, ranging from boosting sales volume in one transaction, increasing the number of customers, or stimulating consumers to buy more.

So, what promotion steps can the company take? Here are seven sales promotions to fatten income

Fastest Buyer

This approach to sales promotion invites close contact with consumer emotions. This strategy gives the brand a higher bargaining function because it emphasizes a strong sense of urgency. Consumers will be challenged to quickly make a decision or not to buy a product at all.
Usually, this tactic is used for products that have a strong brand value, are difficult to find, or are limited editions so that consumers are willing to queue and spend instantly.

Family Package

If you can persuade his wife, why not take her husband and children too. More or less the sentence describes this family package approach . This offer is commonly made by leisure businesses, such as from the hotel, resort, and restaurant industry. The family package has the benefit of allowing brands to attract many customers in one offer.

If the brand can use this strategy well, each family member will one day become a loyal customer for more specific products.

Group Offering

This sales promotion approach is almost similar to the family package. Group offerings generally offer promotions to a specific target group of customers. This is often found in travel packages, fitness centers, or team services that offer lower prices.

This method obtains the benefit of a large volume of customers in one sale. Even so, serving team customers with various characters and desires will be more difficult than serving family consumers.

Highest Transaction

Marketers can increase sales volume through game activities, one of which is through competition. One of the competitions that are often found and favored by buyers is the competition for the highest nominal shopping. Of course, the prizes offered must be really tempting. Various modifications can also be made to play the consumer’s appetite until they are willing to spend their pockets to the fullest.

Up Size

Offering products with a larger size or volume is an understanding of the sales promotion strategy up size . Up size is commonly done by fast food companies, restaurants, and other food products.

With this up size , consumers will get something more than the normal or regular size by adding a little cost. In this way, players can increase their income coffers by playing with the logic or emotions of consumer spending.

Member get member

This sales promotion program is commonly found in fitness centers, such as Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First, and others. Offers will generally be designed and sound quite favorable to consumers compared to their individual purchases. This method is quite effective. One gym also said 70% of their sales were contributed by this sales tactic.

In this way, marketers also open up their opportunities to bring in more new customers from every customer who signs up. Multiple multiples are also not impossible to get by the company which leads to an increase in revenue.

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    Up Selling

    Offering some more value from one product than another is the key selling point of an up selling system . In this sales promotion tactic , consumers are offered other products that have advantages, both in terms of benefits, features, durability, and others.

    A simple example, you are in a cell phone shop and want to buy a series with certain specifications. Arriving at the sales outlet, the shopkeeper offered another series of cellphones with superior features even though they had to spend a little more. This approach encourages consumers to choose products with more value at a higher price.

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