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Getting to Know Medan , You certainly know or at least have heard of the famous Lake Toba tourist attraction on the island of Sumatra. The city of Medan, which is the capital of North Sumatra, is the largest city on the island of Sumatra, which this time we will discuss together.

The city of Medan borders the Straits of Malacca to the north and is an important trade, industry and business city in Indonesia. The city of Medan is the first city in Indonesia to have an airport by train. According to a report from Bappenas, Medan is one of the four main growth centers in Indonesia.

In Medan, apart from Malay and Karo as the initial inhabitants, Medan is also dominated by ethnic Javanese, Chinese, Batak, and others. The majority of residents in Medan work in the trade sector, so there are many shop houses that you can see in the corners of the city. In addition, consulate offices from many countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Germany and the United States are also located in Medan.

The city of Medan is also a strategic place because of its location on the Malacca Strait shipping lane. Therefore, Medan has become the gateway for domestic and international economic activities through the Malacca Strait. Medan is also a city rich in natural resources because it borders Deli Serdang Regency so that it has strong cooperation with the surrounding area.

Young Entrepreneurs From Medan

As previously stated, the majority of the population of Medan are traders. Usually these entrepreneurs trade in the plantation sector. Maybe because of this, there are several entrepreneurs from Medan who have also opened their own businesses. Who are they?

  1. Titi Wahyu Utami
    At the age of 20, Titi Wahyu Utami has become an entrepreneur washing shoes and women’s cosmetics which she named Laundrysepatu.ku and Titi Butik Make Up. Although often underestimated, he can often maintain his business to this day.
  2. Siti Mardiah
    The Women’s Hijab business, which she named D’hijabb, already has a lot of trust from her customers. This 20-year-old girl is successful with the hijab-focused business so that her business is now quite famous in the city of Medan and the profits she gets from this business can be quite large.
  3. Nadya Pinem
    Nadya is not only a businessman but also a student. At the age of 18, she is now the founder of her accessories, cosmetics and women’s clothing business, which is named preorderbynad. His communication style and ability and intelligence in doing business are able to make this business bigger.
  4. Revan Shah
    Revan initially only sold donuts when he was in school, but who would have thought that finally his donut business is now well known in the city of Medan. He is still 18 years old, but he is now a successful young entrepreneur and has a fairly high income from this business.
  5. Muhammad Fikri Assiddiqie
    Fikri, who is still 17 years old, has successfully opened a souvenir business which is quite famous in Medan. The souvenirs that he sells also offer affordable prices for the community. At his relatively easy age, he is already able to generate a fairly high turnover.

There are still many young entrepreneurs who start their business in the city of Medan. With the majority of the population being traders, this has triggered many entrepreneurs who want to start their business in this one city. You also want to be sure to be one of the names above.

You can also start your business from small. You can promote your product online which doesn’t cost much. One example of promotion that you can do is to create a website and promote your products through the website.

When you create a website, of course you want your website to be on the first page or at the top of the rankings when searching on search engines, right? Well, this requires knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t understand what SEO is or you are too busy to take care of your website, you can also try using Medan SEO services to improve your website and promote your products.

Benefits of Using Medan SEO Services

Actually there are many important things that you can get if you use the services of this Medan SEO service , including:

1) Increase Website Traffic
The role of Medan SEO services is useful for increasing traffic on your website. Your website will be automatically filled with new content that is presented as you wish when you use this service.

This can make visitors interested in opening your website and traffic visits to your website will increase.

2) Website Becomes More Known

Due to the large number of visitors who view and open your website, your website will be increasingly known by others. This is also influenced by the interesting content that you present on your website, visitors can return to visit your website to see other content from your website.

3) Increase Profit
When you use the website as a promotional medium, the more visitors who see your website, the more potential buyers of your product.

Things related to your product have also been well optimized by these Medan SEO service providers. With low costs and continuous promotions, the profits you get can also be even greater

4) Save Time and Energy
If you use this SEO service you can save your time and energy more. You don’t have to bother anymore to provide content for your website. So if you let them manage your website, you can focus more on managing your business.

5) Done by the Experts
By using professional SEO services, your website will also be designed according to certain standards which will make your website look more attractive. They, Medan SEO service providers, certainly have better knowledge about the online world and can manage your website more optimally

6) Increase Consumer Confidence
When your website does not die and does not stop updating, this will definitely make visitors interested in returning to your website. Your website needs to be diligently updated with interesting content so that visitors can be interested in your website.

By being active in updating content on your website, consumers who intend to buy your product will also have more confidence. Therefore, you need this SEO service to help you update the content on your website every day.

That’s it, here are some of the benefits if you use a professional Medan SEO service for the business you want to live in. In addition to being easier and more effective, the rates offered by these service providers are also usually not too large so that they do not have the potential to harm your business.

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