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P9IS – Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is now a phenomenon and booming in the midst of Indonesia’s rise to promote digitalization for all Indonesian people. SEO agencies in Jakarta are also mushrooming, both those who have previous experience, or those who have just emerged, follow their seniors.

What is SEO? In short, it is to get the company’s website to be on page #1 of Google by applying the guidelines provided by Google’s own guidelines. SEO knowledge is important for SMEs in developing their business, in the midst of digital competition like today

“The fact that is happening in the digital world at this time is Indonesia is still the largest internet economic market in Southeast Asia and is the main competitive field for technology platforms . Therefore, they are very ready to become the main driver of digital innovation in the region,” explained Cannarsi. , Researchers in the 2020 SEA e-conomy Report . So that you can see the size of the SME market in this digital world, of course, SME entrepreneurs must be able to adapt to technological advances

Why is brand d so important for SME entrepreneurs? Because, with b rand strong SME gets a lot benetif. These include gaining the trust of the public, providing the best service, providing product and service guarantees, and selling more products without spending too much money.

Now, the question now is, how to build an SME business brand in the midst of the IoT (Internet of Things ) revolution , in which the digital world has become the real world as well as in Indonesian society in particular. Like it or not, players must keep up with technological advances, including in the field of digital marketing.

One of the most popular digital marketing sciences today is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because SEO is booming and not all companies master this knowledge, SEO agencies are a solution in increasing brand awareness of their business brands.

seo.or.id as one of the SEO agencies in Jakarta has succeeded in bringing Indonesia’s name to the Southeast Asian SEO arena. Undercover has helped hundreds of corporate clients in many countries. Apart from Indonesia, also from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. Branding and SEO are two things that cannot be separated, these are important things that corporate companies realize and Undercover seizes this opportunity.

Not only serving corporations, Undercover also embraces SMEs in their business development, because the potential of SMEs is very large in Indonesia. “For the company’s CSR activities, seo.or.id provides free SEO training services for SMEs. This activity will be carried out every month for 30 SMEs per month,” said Jave from seo.or.id SEO Services in his statement (18/11/2021).

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In providing material, selected SMEs will be involved in direct SEO practices in Zoom meeting sessions which take place once a week for 1 month. “Basic SEO materials cover Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO, such as choosing the right keywords, creating high-quality content according to Google standards and creating ethical link building ,” Jave explained.

The results of this training from 2020 have produced hundreds of digitally literate and SEO literate SME players, and have developed into a digital SME business forum under the direction of Undercover. Participants also made n etworking, thus further expanding their business networks, “Hopes of brand SEO agency seo.or.id are SMEs can improve their ability, so they can compete in domestic and international markets,” said Jave.

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